Thursday, June 30, 2016

Link Love 02


Welcome to the last day of June?!  I say this all the time, but how did we get to the end of the month so fast?!  Where’s the pause button?

In other news, I sat down last night with my Feedly favs and went through 3,523 articles.  The practical thing would have been to space it out over the course of my vacation, but because I seem to always go from zero to a million regarding basically everything in my life, there I was.

But!  You can take advantage of my “dedication” by checking out some of my favorite links!  I’m going to have to break this down into a couple installments because I’m the #1 fan of everything and basically save everything as a favorite!  I’m also providing commentary this time because…why not?!

- There’s a 400-Person Wait List for These Rosé-Flavored Gummy Bears :  Alcohol and gummy bears?  Yes, please!  I also checked out the Sugarfina web site (the store selling the gummy bears) & I’m pretty much in love with everything they have! 

- Butter-Roasted Cherry Swirl Overnight Oats. : I love everything Jessica does & this recipe looks incredible.  Also, I pretty much save of her recipes in my Feedly favorites.

- Almost So Close to Amazing : KariAnne’s blog is a newer read for me, but I love all of her posts.  Her writing is incredibly welcoming & I can’t wait for her new posts to pop up in my reader!

- Choosing door hardware for a farmhouse : The hardware they chose for their house is very similar to the hardware in our house!  Also, their house looks amazing!

- ‘The Day I Saw Death’ And 21 Other Real-Life Stories Of The Supernatural :  I’m super into true creepy stories & this group doesn’t disappoint!

- 7 Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid – Infographic : I’ve been slooowly implementing some of these things & have actually noticed a slight increase in my blog following.  Social media is the key to blogging success & I wish I had more time to devote to it!

- Daddy’s Special Day : I’ve been following the story of Martin & Emily for a while & was so sad to hear of Martin’s passing.  Even though I don’t know Emily or her family in real life, my thoughts are with them during this extremely difficult time.

 - 24 Decadent Ice Cream Cakes That Are Better Than A Boyfriend :  What’s better than cake?  Ice cream cake!  All of these ice cream cakes look fantastic!

- Design Motifs: Flamingo Flair :  I’m slightly obsessed with flamingoes so I love seeing the different ways they can be incorporated throughout a home!

- Strawberry Shortcake Just Got a Serious Upgrade :  I’m sharing my newest favorite strawberry recipe tomorrow, but this boozy strawberry shortcake looks amazing!  I might have to make it this weekend!  All of the strawberries, all of the time!

Check back tomorrow for my current favorite strawberry recipe & a list of 4th of July links!!

Also, what are your favorite web things lately?


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