Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Fitbit Alta

I’m suuuper competitive…

about things that shouldn’t even be a competition!

Growing up, I never played sports because I have zero hand-eye-coordination, so I never got to feel the competition there.

I’m also not genius smart, so academic competition wasn’t my thing, either.

My competitive side awakens when I make a competition out of things that have no business being competitive.

Like one time I saw some random person on Facebook advertising their cake making business and I thought that I could have a cake business that would be more successful except I forgot that I can’t make cakes and can’t run businesses, but mine would be soooo much better, I just knew it!

Yeah, I’m pretty fun to have around.

My latest competition is the Fitbit.

A lot of people at work are doing the whole Fitbit thing and I had to join along, even though fitness really isn’t my thing.  So, of course, I’m going from zero to 10,000 steps because I want to win all the imaginary prizes!

But!  I actually got the Fitbit for the sleep tracker.  I knew my sleep was terrible and the Fitbit has so far confirmed it…

Fitbit Sleep Tracking

19 restless times?!  Welcome to my life.

Are you unnecessarily competitive about something?!  I hope it’s not just me…but it probably is!

Oh, and if you want to add me to your Fitbit friends, my email is rockin2thesound@yahoo.com!

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