Friday, October 14, 2022

2023 Seed Purchases

My seed purchases for the 2023 gardening season! | On The Creek Blog //
My seed purchases for the 2023 gardening season!

It might be a little early to talk about the 2023 gardening season (especially since I still need to clear garden beds from the 2022 season!), but here I am.

I got an email this morning from my friends at Burpee & all of their seeds are currently buy one get one free! I couldn't pass that up, so I loaded my cart with everything!

I'd like to do a huge garden next year. I want to try all the varieties of everything!

I'm currently really into small-space gardening, so I got a lot of plants that can be grown in containers.

My current favorite pastime is watching gardening videos on YouTube. There are so many great ideas! 

Here's what I bought during the Burpee sale:

- Cucumber, Bragger Hybrid
- Squash, Summer, Saffron
- Tomato, Roma VF
- Tomato, Bush Early Girl Hybrid
- Pepper, Sweet, Confetti Hybrid
- Tomato, Celebrity Hybrid
- Lettuce, Red Salad Bowl
- Zinnia, Candy Cane Mix
- Zinnia, Forecast
- Zinnia, Dancing Girls
- Sunflower, Tiger Eye Hybrid
- Echinacea, Marry Me
- Pepper, Sweet, California Wonder
- Pepper, Sweet, Slovana Hybrid
- Pepper, Sweet, Sweet Stuff Hybrid
- Tomato, SuperSauce Hybrid
- Squash, Winter, ButterKin Hybrid
- Tomato, Veranda Red Hybrid
- Cucumber, Merlin Hybrid

My seed purchases for the 2023 gardening season! | On The Creek Blog //

The 2023 garden will be off to a good start!

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