Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Caramel Apple Floats

Caramel Apple Float | On The Creek

Remember how I said I thought my Caramel Apple Punch would make a good float?  It has actually outdone itself with how good it really is.

Caramel Apple Float | On The Creek

Caramel Apple Float | On The Creek

Caramel Apple Float | On The Creek

So good, in fact, that I drank that entire glass after the photoshoot.

Aaand I even made more of the punch so I could make even more floats!

I really hesitated in calling my Caramel Apple Punch a “punch” because, in our family, a punch isn’t complete unless there’s sherbet on top and my punch had nothing like that in there…until now.  How amazing would this be in a punch bowl with the ice cream on top, acting as the sherbet?!

Hold on, I’m digging out my punch bowl right now!

Also, there’s no actual fruit hanging out in there this time!  With a drink this good, I figured trying to drink around the fruit would ruin it!  Who needs distractions when there’s ice cream?!

To make this drink, all you need to do is mix some of my Caramel Apple Punch and add ice cream!  Easy peasy!

Caramel Apple Float | On The Creek

Floats forever!

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