Thursday, January 07, 2016

Renovation Revelations | Month 1

We're about one month into our log home renovation and here are some thoughts:

Home Facts For Month 1:
- Built a new floor
- Painted underneath the old floor
- Demolished the kitchen
- Took off every piece of drywall
- Replaced the side door
- Put up new drywall in the bathroom
- Took out the old baseboard heaters
- Installed new baseboard heaters
- Built new steps for the front porch
- Removed all of the OSB from the floors
- Removed the furnace and entire duct work
- Replaced the basement door
- Replaced outside lighting fixtures
- Moved the basement steps to the other side of the basement

building a living room floorRemoving, painting and building a new floor.
Read more about our living room renovation here
removing drywall
Removing the old drywall.  Here's an explanation why we decided to go this route with the drywall.
Personal Thoughts:
This project could have turned out really bad.
Before buying this house, I had never renovated anything. I was more in love with the idea of renovating than the renovation itself. I could have bought any old dilapidated house and thought it was going to turn out alright. Luckily my husband has the know-how to inspect houses before we put money down for purchase. Picking the wrong house could have cost us a ton in hidden expenses and time.  
Inspect Everything
 Going into this, I didn't really care about the condition of the house because I knew we were going to change everything, but I wish I would have inspected things a little better. I would have known right away the things I could have salvaged and known what wasn't worth saving.
Sweeping For Days
The sweeping in this house never stops! It seems like someone always has a broom in their hand. There's so much dirt and dust!

Time Suck
The work never ends. Because my husband and I both work full time, finding the time to work on this house has been a challenge. Going from having free nights and weekends to working all the time has been a personal challenge for me.
Month 1 was incredibly productive.  Looking back, I realized I didn't mention a lot of the things we did!  Look for those posts coming soon!

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