Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trashed Up Oatmeal

I try my best to trash up every single recipe I can find and this oatmeal is no exception.

I've mentioned before how my dad is the King of trashed up recipes, and I'm proudly following in his footsteps.

My mind really explodes when I'm hungry. I was starving yesterday afternoon and was thinking about all the things I could make, like BBQ chicken with BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, Italian dressing, hot sauce and a million other seasonings. And cheese. Tons of cheese.

My mind gets really weird when I'm hungry.

A couple weeks ago, I shared this picture on Instagram of my morning oatmeal. That day, I met my mom at her house in the morning and wanted to bring something to eat. The only thing I could find was a massive container of oatmeal, so I brought it over.

Now, my mom has the best-stocked kitchen ever, so I was able to find a ton of things to trash up some regular oatmeal.

I used hot water to cook the oatmeal and then added the following:
- Skim Milk
- Half & Half
- 2 Sugar Packets
- 1 Banana
- Sugar-Free French Vanilla Creamer
- Salad Pizazz (I forgot which kind)

I always add creamer and milk to my oatmeal. Everything else was just stuff I found at my mom's house. It actually tasted pretty good, too!

Aaaand just remember: behind every Instagram flat lay photo is a person standing on a stool in their socks!

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