Monday, April 18, 2016

Salvaged Wood Coat Rack

Painted salvaged wood coat rack using Antibes Green Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

In the midst of renovating our house we've accumulated quite the junk pile. I can't even remember where all of the stuff came from but I know it came out of our house somewhere! My husband keeps saying that he wants to burn the pile, but after one too many Pinterest browsing sessions, I'm begging him to hold off.

"I CAN USE THIS STUFF!" I exclaim, which probably leaves him beyond annoyed. You see, when I go on Pinterest too long, I start to think that I can make anything out of anything. The problem is finding the time to construct the stuff. For now, I'm just hoarding all.the.boards outside in the junk pile.

I actually did made one thing out of them, though, which is the salvaged wood coat rack that I'm sharing today.

Painted salvaged wood coat rack using Antibes Green Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®Because of the great memory card loss of 2016, I don't have any before pictures of this beauty. It started off with a piece of random salvaged wood and turned into this awesome coat hanger. My husband surprised me one day by cutting, sanding and using a router on the piece of salvaged wood I picked out. He cut it the precise length of our coat nook so it's almost a perfect fit. Then I painted it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Antibes Green.

Side note: I bought a 32oz can of Antibes Green paint and I'm slowing working myself through the house painting everything green. I painted a cute little drawer set this color and I'm planning on putting it in the back of the closet for clothing. I figured since I bought a so much of it, I might at well use it all up!

After I painted the coat rack, my husband helped me space out the hooks and drill them into place. I'm terrible at spacing stuff out and measuring. My husband lives for that stuff. We have way too may tape measurers and levels laying around! Being accurate is kind of his jam.

Then, we placed it on the wall and I waxed it later. Now, the wax. At first I was very intimidated by it but once I did my huge project (that I'll fully reveal soon), I kind of got over whatever reservations I had with the wax and just went for it. I actually just waxed it in place.

And that's my 392 word story on a coat rack!

Also, I'd just like to quickly talk about the wall behind the coat rack. It was this weird stuff we picked up at our local Habitat For Humanity ReStore. I have no idea what it was originally used for, but it came in a pretty big piece and rolled up like carpet. It was exactly what we wanted for the wall so we just cut it and nailed it up there!

Painted salvaged wood coat rack using Antibes Green Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

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