Wednesday, May 11, 2022

I'm Releasing A Gratitude Journal

The details on my gratitude journal | On The Creek Blog //
All the information on my gratitude journal!

I have some exciting news:  I'm releasing a gratitude journal!

What started off as an experiment in book printing quickly turned into the side project of my dreams!

It has definitely been a learning curve for sure.  This is actually my second attempt & I still need to adjust some things!  I had no idea book printing was this difficult!

I'm doing everything on my own except for the printing part.  For this journal, I'm using Amazon KDP for printing.  I also used Blurb & I love them both so much.  The quality of the books is fantastic.

I'm going with Amazon because they offer it for sale directly on their website.  Someone can simply purchase the journal from Amazon & have it shipped straight to their house.

I didn't really sit down & make an actual comparison, but I think they are both around the same price for printing.  I'll do another post soon with more details on book publishing because I know a few people are interested in how it all works.

Publishing a book has been a dream of mine forever.  I'm so glad technology has caught up to my crazy ideas!

I think the journal will be available for purchase around June 1, 2022.  I just have to make some edits & finalize the proof.  I'll do another post when it gets closer to the release date!

The details on my gratitude journal | On The Creek Blog //

The details on my gratitude journal | On The Creek Blog //

I'm so excited to share my little gratitude journal with the world!

Also!  In a little update to my previous post, my son now wants to make a book for his entire class! That's so great, except there are only 2.5 weeks of school left & we haven't started on it!  It's a good thing that rushing against deadlines is my thing!

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