Monday, May 23, 2022

Blue Skies

I'm only accepting blue skies energy from now on | On The Creek Blog //
I'm now only going to accept 'Blue Skies Energy'--things that make me happy.

Growing up, I had the best neighbors.  Ed & Jeanne were an older couple who moved out to the country to retire.  They were a super sweet couple.  Jeanne really took me under her wing as a sort of honorary granddaughter.  We honestly couldn't have picked better neighbors.

Jeanne sang the song "Blue Skies" by Ella Fitzgerald sometimes around their house when I would visit.  Over the past few months, the song has gained momentum in my brain.  When I look back at the past few years & everything I went through, I think "nothing but blue skies from now on" will be my life's motto.  I've been dealt enough emotional storms to last a lifetime.  It's time for blue skies every day.  It's time for happiness.

I'm only going to accept 'Blue Skies Energy' whenever possible.

Of course, I know there will be more terrible times & I'll deal with them when they come up.  What I'm really talking about are the situations that can be avoided.  If it's going to ruin my blue-sky positivity, I will avoid it.

I did so many emotionally tricky things during the past year that what I want now is smooth sailing.  If that means staying home a lot & taking breaks from social media, then so be it.  If it looks like blogging, gardening, trying to be best friends with cows, or writing complete nonsense in a journal, that's perfectly fine.

Going into 2022, all I wanted was peace.  I got away from that for a bit, but I'm running back to it now.  I had to learn the hard way that peace is my ultimate goal.  If it's going to ruin my peace, I don't want it.

I'm only accepting blue skies energy from now on | On The Creek Blog //

I'm only accepting blue skies energy from now on | On The Creek Blog //

I also realized that showing grace & kindness can be done in silence. I can want the best for someone but not try to convince them that kindness is always the answer.  I have to remember that not everyone went through a crash course on love & loss like I did.  I'm just going to show kindness & love without expecting anything in return.

I'll just be over here doing my own thing & trying to make blue skies for myself from now on.

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