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Garden | June 2019

Garden update | June 2019

Here’s the garden update for June 2019!
This year, the garden is off to a slow start!  We planted a little later this year & the plants were really struggling for a while.  I honestly thought it might be a total wash out again, just like last year’s garden!
Green pepper plants!
Tomato plant in a tomato cage!

Our plants were slowly dying but instead of giving up like last year, I buckled down & tried to figure out what was going on.  I thought the soil was too thin, so I added a peat/manure mixture right around each of the plants to give them more soil.  I was also concerned about the water situation.  It seemed like the plants weren’t holding the water they were getting.  The peat mixture helped with that & I also started watering the plants individually instead of the general watering I was previously doing.  At first I was afraid I was overwatering, but the plants have seemed to like it.
Tomato plants in cages!

Watermelon plant!

Tomato plant in a tomato cage!

I’m happy to report that the plants have been slowly thriving!  They’re still quite smaller than I would like, but at least they’re not dying!  I’m going to continue my nightly watering & hopefully that’s all they’ll need to continue to grow!  I still have some organic plant food from last year that I can use, but I’m trying to avoid it.  I want them to thrive on their own!

The next week or so is supposed to be super hot & humid so we’ll see what that does to the plants!  I might have to incorporate watering in the morning too.

Pumpkin plants in the garden!

Garden update | June 2019

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