Friday, April 01, 2022

Kids Gardening Picks From Amazon

kids gardening supplies from Amazon | On The Creek Blog //
My favorite kids gardening picks from Amazon!

I'm really trying to get my son, Braxton, into gardening this year.  I think gardening is an important & fun skill to learn.

I've talked before about my love for Mind & Soil & the mental health benefits of gardening.  I know I get a lot of stress relief from gardening & it's just so fun to me!  I hope I can pass some of that along to Braxton.  He's still pretty young so he needs a lot of behind the scenes help from me to get his plants going but he's getting there!

This year we seed started zinnias for B & they're doing way better than expected.  It's only been a few days but they're already coming up!  It's looking like a good year for zinnias!  We're planning on putting them in his kids garden bed.  I'm looking forward to beautiful blooms all summer long!  

This is my first year seed starting flowers & I didn't know what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised when it did so well.  Now I want to seed start all the flowers!

Before writing this post, I didn't really think kids gardening was a thing.  I figured I'd go on Amazon & struggle to find a couple things.  But...gardening with kids is totally a thing!

I found so many cute kid sized gardening things on Amazon!  I may splurge & get Braxton this kid size wheelbarrow!  It's so beyond cute!  I especially love the growing kits that can be started at any time!  Braxton did something similar last year in the camp he went to & had a lot of fun watching his flower grow all season.

kids gardening supplies from Amazon | On The Creek Blog //

B has been loving to paint lately so I might get him this Paint your own stepping stone.  This could be a fun activity to do every year to put out in the garden!  I'm seeing lots of things to put in B's Easter basket! 

I've linked some of my favorite picks below!

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