Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Ultimate Guide to Growing Pumpkins + Free Pumpkin Variety Guide

 the ultimate guide to growing pumpkins & free Burpee pumpkin guide | On The Creek Blog // www.onthecreekblog.com

The ultimate guide to growing pumpkins!  Plus a free Burpee pumpkin guide!

I was super excited last summer when we had a few volunteer pumpkins come up.  I love decorating with pumpkins in the fall & homegrown pumpkins are the best!

I was then super disappointed when the pumpkin vines died early on & never produced a single pumpkin!  

I know it's early, but I'm determined to grow pumpkins next year!   

I'm always looking ahead & planning for next year's garden.  Adding to the excitement is that Burpee released their 2022 catalog already! 








I want to be more intentional with my garden next year so I'm doing a lot of research.  I'm planning on buying a lot of my seeds online from Burpee so I wanted to compare varieties.

To compare pumpkin varieties, I made a super simple spreadsheet.  It lists the variety of pumpkin, the days to maturity, the fruit weight, the mature spread, & the mature weight.  I can then look over everything & pick what will best fit my needs this upcoming growing season. 

the ultimate guide to growing pumpkins & free Burpee pumpkin guide | On The Creek Blog // www.onthecreekblog.com

 I'm making this spreadsheet available here as a free download.  It's a PDF with clickable links to each pumpkin variety.  You can also print it out & go over everything.  I plan on printing mine out & doing a lot of highlighting to decide what I'm going to plant.

I'm making this available now in case you're an early bird like me & want to get a head start on the next growing season.  You can also save the PDF & use it whenever you want!

Complete guide to Burpee pumpkin varieties | On The Creek Blog // www.onthecreekblog.com

Click here to download the Complete Guide to Burpee Pumpkins!

I really want to get my pumpkins right next year so I've been researching a lot.  I even created a Pumpkins Pinterest Board!  Here are just a few links that I found that contain a lot of information on growing pumpkins.

- How to Grow Pumpkins Successfully
- How to Plant & Grow Pumpkins:  Complete Guide
- Top Problems Growing Pumpkins and How to Fix It
- 8 Pumpkin Growing Mistakes to Avoid
- How to Grow Pumpkins For Perfect Pies
- Growing Pumpkins in Raised Beds
- Grow & Harvest Perfect Pumpkins
- The Perfect Pumpkin Patch

When it's time to start growing pumpkins, these are some good links to start with.  I'll also be adding more pins to my Pumpkins Pinterest board as the months go on so follow my board on Pinterest to get all the latest pins!

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