Sunday, October 31, 2021

Sunday Stuff #2

Sunday Stuff | On The Creek Blog //
Sunday stuff #2

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Happy Halloween!

I'm back with another edition of my Sunday Stuff series, which is a life recap of sorts!

Let's get into it!

- Our kiddo had a great Halloween!  He went as Woody from Toy Story!  We went to a trunk or treat last weekend & regular trick or treating this weekend.  We have so much candy!  We still have to keep his face covered because he's in foster care but that should be changing very soon!

- I'm still really into working on my blog.  I love that it keeps my mind occupied.  I need an outlet & this is working for me right now. I love coming up with new things to post throughout the week.  I want to thank you all for your support of this little blog!

Sunday Stuff | On The Creek Blog //

 - I talked about Brewsy last time so this time I'm going to talk about Verb Energy bars!  Verb Energy bars have as much caffeine as an espresso & are only 90 calories.  I like to have one in the morning as a quick start to my day.  If you shop my referral link, you can get a full 12 bar pouch & 3 samples for only $10.  It's a great way to try Verb or to split them up for stocking stuffers this Christmas!

-  We're not really working on a lot of projects at the moment.  We bought a couple of small pieces that we're very slowly trying to fix.  I'm in no rush to do any projects these days!  The greenhouse is completed for now but I want to still do a few things to winterize it.  I hope to add electrical so I can seed start out there instead of the basement next year. 

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Have a happy Sunday!


  1. Love his costume!! I bet my teenagers would like the Verb Energy bars.

    1. Thank you! His costume is the cutest!

      The Verb bars are pretty good. They have 65mg of caffeine in each bar. My faves are Cookie Butter & Salted Peanut Butter.


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