Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday Stuff #1


Sunday stuff #1

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I'm starting a new series on my blog called 'Sunday Stuff'!  It will be about random things going on in my life.  I'm not sure if I'm going to post weekly or biweekly but I'll work it out!

- I have been really focusing on my blog lately!  It has really helped me stay distracted during my husband's cancer journey.  I have a post coming up tomorrow that talks about the new developments.  I'm trying to stay strong but I'm under a lot of stress.  I feel like blogging has been a good outlet for me.

There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes with my blog.  I've started monetizing my blog a bit so I'm learning how to do all of that.  I want to write a blog series about everything that goes on because it's a lot!





- Brewsy Wine Making kits are now available on Amazon!  I'm planning on going grape picking next weekend & then making jelly & concord grape wine.  It has been too long since I made wine & I want to get back to it!  Also, if you don't want to order through Amazon, you can save 15% by using my referral link!

- I'm obsessed with IKEA greenhouse cabinets!  I'm not really one for houseplants but I want to buy an IKEA cabinet & get all the plants!

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-  I'm almost done painting & staining the greenhouse.  This project has taken forever!  I can't wait until seed starting time when I can finally use the greenhouse!  I'm thinking of selling seedlings next year.  I'll write another post about this but I'm leaning more towards seed starting instead of actual gardening for next year.

- Our kiddo is officially back in school for the year.  This summer was super crazy & I feel like we didn't have a great time with our kiddo.  The mom guilt is real!  It's difficult when there is so much going on.  We're back to a routine now & that has really helped.  Hopefully we can shield him from what is going on in our family.

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So I guess that's it for this week! 

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