Thursday, September 09, 2021

3 TV Shows We Watched Lately


3 TV shows we watched lately | On The Creek Blog //
3 shows we watched lately!

With my husband recuperating from surgery, we have been watching a lot of TV lately.

James usually likes to watch movies & I'm more into shows.  With James being home for a longer time, I finally convinced him to watch some shows with me & it has been so great.

We have several streaming services so we have so many shows to choose from.  For these shows, we kind of just randomly picked them & they turned out to be good.

Here is what we have been watching:

3 TV shows we watched lately | On The Creek Blog //

Manifest (Netflix)

I watched a few episodes of this show when it first came out & told my husband how great it was.  He was going to watch the first episodes without me but I ended up getting sucked in again!  We have only been watching for about a week but we're almost done with all 3 seasons!

Manifest is about a group of people who took a flight & ended up missing for 5 years.  When the flight lands, the passengers have no idea that 5 years have passed.  It follows the passengers as they try to get back to their lives & search for answers for what happened to them on their flight.

3 TV shows we watched lately | On The Creek Blog //

The Equalizer (CBS)

We randomly started watching this show one night & ended up watching the full season over a few days.  I liked that it was only one season so we could get through it quickly.  A new season will premiere in October so we can slowly watch through that as well.

The Equalizer is about a woman who helps people who feel like they can't turn to anyone else.  It is a reboot of The Equalizer films & 1980s TV series.

3 TV shows we watched lately | On The Creek Blog //

Sweet Magnolias (Netflix)

My husband watched a few episodes with me, but I mostly watched this one alone.  This took a while for me to get through because I was mostly watching it during the summer after our kiddo went to bed.  I really enjoyed it though & can't wait for the new season to premiere next year.

Sweet Magnolias is about 3 friends & their lives.  It begins with one of the friends going through a divorce & adds in the trials of the other friends as well.

Now that we're almost done with all 3 shows, we have to find something else to watch!  If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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