Monday, May 18, 2020

Our Green Adventure: Starting Roma VF Tomato Seedlings

Roma VF Seedlings | on the creek blog //

Hey there, Besties! 🌟

Ever embarked on a journey of turning tiny seeds into bountiful harvests? That's exactly the adventure we dove into with our Roma VF tomatoes! 🍅✨

Roma VF Seedlings | on the creek blog //

Roma VF Seedlings | on the creek blog //
The Unfolding Tale of Our Roma VF Tomato Seedlings

Picture this: It was mid-April, and amidst drafting another post, I realized that I've yet to share our escapade with starting Roma VF seeds from scratch!

We planted these age-old seeds on April 15, eagerly awaiting signs of life. A week zoomed by... and nada. Zilch. I almost wrote them off, convinced they were duds, and even brainstormed a Plan B. But, lo and behold, as I spilled the beans last week, those little troopers did sprout – fashionably late, but they made their grand entrance!

During a routine Home Depot run for some pergola paraphernalia, my curiosity led me to the seed aisle. Ah, Roma tomatoes, my absolute faves! And there it was, the Roma VF variety, beckoning me to give it a whirl. 🌱

Roma VF Seedlings | on the creek blog //

Roma VF Seedlings | on the creek blog //

A Twist in the Tale: Planting in Cups!

This time around, I opted for a quirky yet effective method – planting the seeds in cups! Yes, you read that right. Cups, not flats. And, oh boy, what a game-changer! Equipped with a nifty seed dropper (another Home Depot find), the tedious task of planting those teeny-tiny tomato seeds became a breeze.

Fast forward, and we've got 30 cups, each hosting a duo of these precious seeds. Peek at the snapshots in this post to see our little green babies in their initial glory. And here they are now, a tad smaller than their siblings but growing with gusto! 🌿

Notice the leggy growth? No worries – a little more soil will fix them right up. Though, I might need to play the tough love card and thin them out a bit – they're getting a bit cozy in there!

Roma VF Seedlings | on the creek blog //

A Verdant Conclusion

Between our late bloomers and the new Roma VF recruits, it's safe to say our garden will be teeming with tomato plants. I'm crossing my fingers that they all thrive and survive!

So, there you have it, my earthy adventure with Roma VF tomatoes. 

Much like life, Gardening is filled with surprises, lessons, and, most importantly, growth. Here's to nurturing our green thumbs and souls, one seedling at a time! 🌍✨🍅

Stay green and gleeful,


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