Thursday, May 14, 2020

Seedling Update

Leggy tomato seedlings | On The Creek Blog
An update on our seedling adventure!

I'm back with a seedling update!

Our various tomato seedlings have been growing for about a month now.

Most of the old seeds we planted actually came up!  I was so excited to see the different varieties coming up!  Some varieties definitely did better than others, but everything produced at least a few seedlings!

But, here's the bad news...

The tomato seedlings are super leggy!

I didn't realize leggy tomatoes were a thing.  I think it's a light issue with my tomatoes.  I put them up against a window & I don't think they're getting enough light so they're stretching to reach it.

I was hoping to plant them in the garden this weekend, which would fix the problem.  The weather forecast looked spectacular & my tomatoes would have a good chance outside.  Then the forecast changed to the temperatures being colder at night.  We'd then have to worry about covering them.  

I also didn't realize the hardening process was so long.  I want my tomatoes to get the best start & I definitely want to acclimate them before just putting them in the ground.

So here's what I'm planning to do now:
Leggy tomato seedlings | On The Creek Blog
Leggy tomato seedlings | On The Creek Blog
Leggy tomato seedlings | On The Creek Blog
I hate to say it, but it looks like I'm going to be repotting my plants indoors for the time being.  It's going to be a tedious task, but it's probably the best chance for the tomatoes right now.  I don't think they'd last another week in the state they're in.  They're super leggy!  I don't want to lose them, so I'm going to try my best to save them.  When I repot them, I'll bring the soil right up to the leaves.  I'm also going to look into getting an overhead light so they won't have to stretch anymore.
Leggy tomato seedlings | On The Creek Blog
Leggy tomato seedlings | On The Creek Blog
Leggy tomato seedlings | On The Creek Blog
Once the tomato seedlings are replanted, I'll start the hardening off process.  That will hopefully put me in a warmer weather situation so I'll be able to plant them.  I think repotting them will give me the extra time I need for the weather to improve.  I don't want to bring them back to health just to have them die all over again.

Hopefully I'll be able to save these little tomatoes!  There are a lot of varieties that I was anxious to try, so I hope it all works out!  

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