Thursday, September 06, 2018

Garden | August 2018

  Roma tomato on the vine

August is when I officially gave up on the garden.  There were just too many failing plants & there was no way the garden was coming back…

Roma tomatoes on the vineRoma tomatoes on the vineRoma tomatoes on the vine

Except the garden did come back!  Vines started to grow & new flowers started to emerge.  I picked my first batch of small tomatoes to make room for all of the new growth.  Even though there are a couple plants that are pretty much dead, the majority of them are coming back!

There are finally tons of tomatoes growing & I LOVE it!  I can’t wait to start making fresh sauces with them!  Right now, I’m making fresh salsa & it’s turning out really good.  I kind of took a weird approach to making salsa this year so I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

Roma tomatoes on the vineGreen pepper on the vineRoma tomatoes on the vine

The peppers didn’t really take off this year.  They’re super small, but I was still able to use them for making salsa.  I guess I’ll have try my luck with them again next year!

While I’m not exactly happy with the way the garden turned out this year, I’m sooo glad that it’s making a comeback!  At least it wasn’t a complete wash out!

Roma tomatoes on the vine

Tomato vinesRoma tomato on the vine

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