Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Paperbark Maple Tree

Paperbark Maple treePaperbark Maple treePaperbark Maple tree

When we went to the arboretum recently, I was so inspired by all the flowers & trees!

Since we’re in the middle of an entire regrading project in our yard, we can’t plant anything & I’m incredibly impatient about it!  I want to plant everything!  (I did sneak in a lilac bush earlier this year!)

One of the trees I was most fascinated by was the Paperbark Maple tree.  I love the peeling bark & warm cinnamon type colors it has.  It’s also a somewhat smaller tree & I learned that it could even be grown in a pot for years!

I want to go back to the arboretum later in the fall when the leaves really start to turn to take another look at the Paperbark.  I imagine it will be absolutely beautiful!

Now I just have to figure out where I want to plant one on our property!

flower with paperbark maple tree in backgroundPaperbark Maple tree

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