Monday, June 05, 2017

3 Shows To Binge Watch In June 2017

3 Shows to Binge Watch in June 2017

Here are 3 shows to watch in June 2017!

Summertime is always the time when my Netflix binging hits an all time low.  With the weather warming up, it’s difficult for me to justify staying inside watching TV.  But, there are always going to be rainy days & slow times where there’s not a lot going on & I can get my binge watching on!

Honestly, when I was reviewing the list of new releases to Netflix in June, I didn’t find a lot of things that interested me, so this isn’t going to be a typical ‘Netflix Picks’ post.  Instead, I’ve picked out 3 three shows that I want to watch.  While watching shows can be time consuming, they’re also nice because you don’t necessarily have to binge them.  You can watch an episode or two as time permits.  (Although I usually get carried away & try to watch all the episodes in one sitting!)

Here are my 3 picks to watch on Netflix in June:

- The 100 – Netflix just added season 4 of The 100 this month.Apparently I started watching this awhile ago & totally forgot!  I only made it a few episodes in, so I’m just going to start over.  The show also has great reviews, so I’m excited to watch it again.

- Quantico – There are now 2 seasons of this show on Netflix, which are perfect for some catching up on before season 3 returns!

- Aquarius – I started watching this show when it first came out & then I lost track of it.  The show ended up being cancelled, so there’s only 2 seasons & both are available on Netflix now.

Check out the full list of everything coming to Netflix in June here!

What have you been watching lately?

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