Wednesday, February 03, 2016

My Coat Closet Will Never Be As Cool

Since emerging from the dark side of renovation, I've become obsessed with the little coat closet that my husband built.  Of course, I went to my buddy, Pinterest, in search of inspiration on how to decorate this thing.  My coat closet will never be as cool as most of these, though, because it is the smallest coat closet in existence.  I keep calling it a closet, but it's totally not a closet because closet doors will not fit in such a small space.  It's more of a coat nook or a tiny place to hang very few coats.  It's a million times bigger than the space we have in our other house to hang our coats on, though!  All we have there is a coat rack that's broken!  At least this nook has sides.  Our other one is just hanging out in our narrow hallway. 

I'll leave you with the board I created of my favorite coat closets:

Follow Tiff's board coat nooks on Pinterest.

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