Monday, February 15, 2016

Thrift Store Desk

Can we talk about this desk?

Some people score incredible finds when they go to the thrift store. I scored this desk.

It looks a lot better in the picture, but this thing is downright embarrassing. My husband practically hid his face when he helped me carry it out of the store. He made me help carry it because I think he was way to embarrassed to carry it alone!

It looks a lot better in the picture, but the top of this desk kind of resembles a banana. Also, it's totally that cheap particle board stuff and not solid wood. I plan to completely replace the "wood" parts and spray paint the legs, so basically I bought it for the plans! I also found out when I brought it home that it won't fit in the place that I want it, so I'm going to have to modify the size of the desk slightly.

I saw potential in this little desk so that's why I brought it home.

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