Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My #1 Cleaning Tip

Since purchasing our house at the end of November, my life has went from being fairly boring to super busy. Trying to keep up on the housework at two homes has been very challenging. For a while I was just completely overwhelmed by it all! I didn't know where to even begin. Then, one day I had a burst of energy and began doing several things around the house. It was then that I set a goal of trying to complete at least five extra tasks a day. Some days they're small tasks like making the bed or cleaning the litter box. Other days I've cleaned both bathrooms from to top to bottom or scrubbed the kitchen floor. Just getting started was the difficult part for me and now that I try to accomplish five extra things a day, it makes cleaning a little easier for me. It has quickly become my #1 cleaning tip.

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