Monday, June 26, 2023

I'm Renovating a House

I'm renovating a house | on the creek blog //
I'm so excited to announce that my dad & I are renovating a house!

James worked for many years in construction & home renovation. He was an extremely talented carpenter & general laborer. It was always our dream to have the opportunity to renovate a property together, so this is definitely bittersweet. That's what prompted us to buy the property.

We got super lucky on this project, where it didn't need extensive rehab, but I'm still learning a lot. So many little things go into a house that I don't usually think of!

We're doing much of the work ourselves, but we know when to bring in professionals because it's outside our skillset or just easier for someone else to do it.

My dad is the real MVP of this renovation. He has been scheduling all of the outside contractors & he has picked some trustworthy people so far. Because James had such a broad skillset, he could do almost all of the renovations in our primary home, so looking for outside laborers was a new experience for me.

Overall, I'm excited to share our progress & some projects I'm working on at the renovation!

I'm renovating a house | on the creek blog //

Please let me know if you want to know anything about the home & renovation!

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