Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Garden | June 2023

Here's a peek at my garden in June 2023!

The beginning of June was super dry & hot here. We went for an absurd amount of time without rain. Even though I was watering twice daily, the ground was still dry.

Finally, we got some rain & my plants took off! The scorching heat subsided, providing some much-needed relief for my thirsty plants.

This year, I planted tomatoes, peppers, corn & herbs.

I chose varieties with a short growing season for the tomatoes & corn. I want two determinate tomatoes growing "seasons" this year, so we'll see.

You may be surprised that I have tomatoes & peppers coming already. That's what happens when I can't wait & start seeds in January/February!

I'm still hoping to get in some pumpkins. I saved pumpkin seeds last year & I want to see if they'll grow this year.

It's so funny to look back on my gardening journey. I've been doing this for 7 years now & it's incredible how far I've come. I started with tiny garden boxes with plants I bought & almost killed. Now, I start my own plants from seeds & have thriving gardens!

After enduring the worst few years, gardening has helped me connect with nature and lead a more mindful and fulfilling life. I feel so much peace in my garden.

my garden in june 2023 | on the creek blog //

my garden in june 2023 | on the creek blog //

my garden in june 2023 | on the creek blog //

my garden in june 2023 | on the creek blog //

I love my little garden space. I definitely want to expand my growing area, but I'm content with it for this year.

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