Monday, January 23, 2017

5 Shows To Binge Watch in January

shows to binge watch

Here are some of my favorite shows that are worth a binge watch in January!  Most of these shows can be streamed in their entirety.  Click on the links to start watching!

1. Good Behavior This show just showed up on my DVR on day so I really wanted to hate it.  I watched the first episode and was immediately hooked, though!  It's just that good.  It follows the story of Letty Raines, a fresh out of prison con artist in her struggles to put her life back together while still committing crimes.  It's gritty and outrageous and I absolutely love it.  I started this show when the first episode aired and couldn't wait to watch another episode each week.  Season 1 just ended last week so it's ready to binge in its entirety.

2. This Is Us My husband really doesn't like watching shows, but we ended up starting this together about a month ago and we couldn't stop watching.  I'm usually not a huge family drama fan, but this show is so awesome.  The way the characters and the story is put together is absolutely perfect.  Without giving too much away, it's about the struggles and life experiences of a family.

3. The OA I originally heard about this show in a reddit forum and decided to check it out.  Wow, is it intense!  So intense that I actually had to switch to something else before I finished it.  It's about the fictional Prairie Johnson, a woman who went missing for seven years without a trace and returns suddenly.  There are so many layers to this show and it kept me guessing where it was going to go next.  I'm still guessing!

4. Travelers
I just binged this last week and started watching it because it was recommended from watching The OA.  It’s about a group of people in the future who travel back to the 21st century by taking over the body of a person who died. They’re supposed to be on missions to save the world but things go south pretty quickly.  Just like The OA, there's a lot of layers, but it wasn't quite as intense.

5. Channel Zero: Candle Cove
I remember reading the Candle Cove Creepypasta and was so excited when I heard a show was being made from it.  This show takes scary to the next level!  I’m not one for scary stuff, but the six episodes kept me intrigued and on edge!  It was interesting to see where the show took the basic Candle Cove story.

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