Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Finding The Best Deals With Flipp


This year has definitely been a crash course in home management and grocery shopping is at the top of the things I've had to learn how to do.  Because my husband and I have been eating basically all of our meals at home, I've taken on the task of learning how to meal prep and actually have groceries in the house.  Because of our new schedule, we couldn't just cheat by hitting up the drive-thru any longer and I'm more than happy not throwing food away from our refrigerator!

Because we now pretty much strictly eat food prepared at home, I've relied on Flipp to show me the best deals.  Flipp is this cool app (they also have a web version that I use most of the time) where you put in your zip code and it shows you the local store ads.  From there, you can compare prices and see what's on sale.  If the store has an ad, then it's probably on Flipp.  Instead of trying to track down paper ads, I can just look on Flipp to see what's going on that week and can plan my trips accordingly.

This is not a sponsored post in any way.  I just love using Flipp to check out deals!

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