Friday, January 06, 2023

10 Reasons I Love Little Free Libraries

10 Things I Love About Little Free Libraries | On The Creek Blog //
10 things I love about Little Free Libraries!

Little Free Libraries are my jam. I have so much love for them that I established my own Little Free Library! I get so excited when I go out to my library & see different books! I was afraid that people wouldn't use the library, but it's a hit! I love that we were able to provide an area for people to access free books.

Over the weekend, I spotted a Little Free Library in the wild & was reminded all over again how beneficial these little book boxes are for communities.

I also think they are just the cutest things!

I love them so much that I made a list of 10 reasons why!

1. Little Free Libraries promote literacy and the love of reading by providing access to books in communities.

2. They allow you to discover new books, authors, and genres you might have yet to encounter.

3. They are fun and creative, making them attractive to children and adults alike.

4. Little Free Libraries can be easily accessed and are often placed in areas that are convenient and easily accessible.

5. They allow neighbors to share books, creating a feeling of connection and community.

10 Things I Love About Little Free Libraries | On The Creek Blog //

6. They promote a culture of caring and sharing, which can help to build stronger relationships between individuals and families.

7. They are a great way to reuse and recycle books, helping to reduce waste.

8. Little Free Libraries help to foster a sense of pride in one’s community, as people can show off their favorite books and stories.

9. They provide a way for people to stay connected to the written word, even when traditional libraries are closed.

10. They provide a safe and secure place to store books and protect them from the elements.

10 Things I Love About Little Free Libraries | On The Creek Blog //

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