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3 Blogging Tools I Use Daily

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Here are 3 blogging tools I use every day!

I'm all about making things easier for myself.

When I first started blogging, I did many things the hard way.

For example, I used to use 3 different apps to edit my photos.  It would take me hours to edit pictures for a single blog post!

I didn't want to spend the money on more premium tools because I didn't see the worth in it.

Then I realized my time was worth something too.  If I have to pay a price to get back literal hours of my time, I'm willing to do it.

Over the years, I have perfected my blogging strategy & with that came the blogging tools I utilize daily.

Before I begin, I pay monthly for all 3 of these blogging tools, but there are also free versions available of the same tools.  I started with the free versions & when I outgrew them, I went to the premium options. 

So let me tell you about the blogging tools I love!

Adobe Lightroom

I take a lot of pictures for my blog.  I wanted an application that I could seamlessly use between my phone & computer.  Adobe Lightroom fits that perfectly.  I just upload photos from my phone & they are stored in the cloud.  From there, I can edit my photos in the app on multiple devices.

I also love the ability to use and create Lightroom presets, which are saved edits you can use on different photos.  I made a preset that I use on all my pictures here on the blog & with one click, I can apply it.  I don't have to spend hours individually editing my photos anymore!

The premium version of Lightroom is $9.99 a month + tax.

Blogging Tools I Use Daily | On The Creek Blog //


Canva is great for creating graphics.  I love that Canva can be used for multiple things.  You don't even need to be a blogger to use Canva.  While I use it to create graphics & pins for my blog, there are tons of templates you can use to make things like Facebook covers, invitations, postcards, stickers & so much more.

I pay for premium in Canva mainly to have unlimited use of the graphics.  All of the pictures in this blog post were created with Canva.  Premium also allows you to resize images into something else.  For example, if I'm making a graphic & think it is too large or too small, I can automatically resize it to whatever size I want.

The premium version of Canva is $12.95 a month.


Tailwind makes posting to Pinterest so much easier.  I can upload multiple pins & schedule them to post at my most popular times.

When I started using Tailwind, I saw considerable growth in my Pinterest traffic.  Like an increase of 500,000+ impressions!  I got busy & stopped using it for a while, so my numbers went down quite a bit.  I have been using it regularly for a couple weeks now & while my impressions haven't bounced back, I have noticed an increase in my saves & outbound clicks.  Before, I used to get a lot of Pinterest impressions that didn't translate well into blog views & now I'm noticing the opposite, which is great for my blog.

I love that I can schedule a ton of pins & not have to worry if I'm still being relevant on Pinterest.  With the premium version, I can schedule an unlimited number of pins.  The free plan puts a monthly cap on the number of pins you can schedule.

The premium version of Tailwind is about $120 a year, but monthly plans are available.  If interested, here's my referral code for a free month of Tailwind!

Final Thoughts

These 3 blogging tools have saved me a lot of time & have allowed me to be a more efficient blogger!

Did I miss any blogging tools?  What is your favorite tool to use for blogging?

Blogging Tools I Use Daily | On The Creek Blog // www.onthecreekblog.comBlogging Tools I Use Daily | On The Creek Blog // www.onthecreekblog.comBlogging Tools I Use Daily | On The Creek Blog //

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