Monday, August 01, 2022

Garden Update

summer garden update | On The Creek Blog //
 Summer garden update!

Here's a minor update on the garden.

My tomatoes & peppers are doing fantastic! I took these pictures a couple weeks ago & the garden is even crazier. It's challenging to get photos because there are vines everywhere!

I was super nervous about using raised beds because I never really had a lot of luck with raised beds in the past. In the past, the plants grew but not to incredible levels. I'm so glad the plants in this year's raised beds did so well.

I won't share all my growing secrets yet, but I think the soil was one of the most important things. My parents have a farm, so I could use their composted manure for the raised beds. The compost is super similar to the Wholly Cow Compost & Manure I used in the past. 

I have neglected the garden this year, so luck is definitely on my side. I've never had such a successful garden & have done such little work. I'm also embarrassed that I've never had such tall weeds in my garden! It's funny because I never got around to putting cages around my Roma tomatoes, so they started using the weeds to hold them up!

The Roma tomatoes are doing so well. There are blooms & so many green tomatoes. It will only be a short time before they'll be ready to can or freeze. I haven't decided what to do with the tomato harvest this year. I'll probably just can or freeze whole tomatoes for now & then decide what to do with them later.summer garden update | On The Creek Blog //

The little raised beds have been great this year. It was a little hectic trying to get everything in myself, but I finally got it.

summer garden update | On The Creek Blog //
summer garden update | On The Creek Blog //

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