Monday, October 10, 2016

Watching Mom

canning jars

My mom is the best person.  She is my person; the person I want to be when I grow up.  She does so much in her life & makes it all look completely effortless.

One of her biggest effortless feats is cooking.  She’s a complete natural in the kitchen.  While I’m over here overanalyzing a recipe approximately 50 million times and pulling it up on my phone over and over, she can just throw some things together and come out with an amazing end result.  Even when the recipes are incredibly precise, she runs the kitchen with an ease I can only imagine doing myself.

I asked begged her to come to my house a couple weeks ago to help me make some grape jelly from the concords my husband and I bought.  My mother made the complex art of jelly making look completely easy and something that even I could do, which I totally won’t because when left unattended with a complicated task, my kitchen may burst into flames.  Even when things started moving fast in the kitchen and I was both internally and visibly freaking out, mom just kept going and never once lost her cool.  This round of grape jelly ended up being the best tasting to date and I have my mom to thank (as well as the wonderful concord grapes from the local vineyard!)

canning jars

Having a mom like mine has totally spoiled me for life.  If this life makes me only half the woman she is, I’d say I would be doing great.  She inspires me every day to be the best version of myself.  Her effortless approach in the kitchen gives me confidence in my own cooking abilities.  Today, I’m even attempting to make slow cooker apple cider.  My kitchen might burn down, but at least I was confident for a short time!

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