Thursday, June 27, 2019

Life Lately | June 2019

life lately | a peek at my life in June 2019!

Here’s a peek at my life lately for June!


I’ve been watching a lot this month!  My husband & I actually went to the movie theater twice!  Before those times, I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time we watched a movie in the theater!  While at the theater, I saw previews for a few movies that I want to see so I’m thinking we’ll be back in the movie theater very soon!

Here’s what we saw in the theater:

- Men in Black: International – I’m a huge Men in Black fan so I needed to see this on opening day!  It wasn’t my favorite MIB movie, but I liked it anyway.

- The Dead Don’t Die – This movie was a super weird one but I enjoyed it for the most part!
Here’s what I watched at home:

- Grand Hotel – I’m liking the first couple episodes.  I can’t wait to see where this show goes.

- The InBetween – I’m liking this show but it’s kind of scary for me!  There’s a serial killer character that creeps me out so bad!  It doesn’t help that I tend to watch it in the dark!

- Siren – I started this randomly one day & I’ve been enjoying it so far.

- Legion – After wanting to watch this forever, I finally started it a few days ago!  Again, I’m liking it but it kind of creeps me out!  I don’t know what’s wrong with me with these shows!  I used to be able to watch some creepy stuff but I can’t handle it anymore!
life lately | a peek at my life in June 2019!
 Looking Forward To

- Warmer temperatures – I know everyone hates it, but I secretly love the warmer temperatures!  I’m cold like 99% of the time so I’m here for the warmth!

- Relaxing – A lot of things have slowed down here.  The Kay House is done!  Some other things we were anticipating on going a lot faster have also slowed down a lot, so there’s a little downtime right now.  I’m looking forward to relaxing a little & taking things slow for as long as I can.  I can never sit still for long so we’ll see how long the relaxation lasts!

- Phone Photography – I mentioned last month that I wanted to work on my phone photography skills & I did it in a big way in June!  So much that I’m now struggling with my DSLR!  99% of the pics I’ve posted this month have come from my phone!  I guess learning phone photography wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I can't wait to take more phone photos!

life lately | a peek at my life in June 2019!

Working On

- The Garden – The garden has been a never ending thing this summer!  In years past, if I started to see something with the garden not working out, I’d just give up!  This year, I’ve been actively trying to keep the garden alive!  I’m out there every night watering it & every day I’m brainstorming ways to keep it going!  There are a few plants that are on the verge of possibly dying & I don’t want that to happen!  I’m doing everything in my power to grow some great plants this year!

life lately | a peek at my life in June 2019!

- New Layout – If you haven’t noticed, I gave my blog a little layout change!  I’m liking it a lot.  I still need to finish my ‘Start Here’ page though!  I want that page to be the hub of my blog, so it’s been a ton of work to get it together!  I’ll finish it up one of these days!

- Schedule – I struggled with my blogging schedule yet again!  My thing is, I get super inspired to post a lot & then it just never comes into fruition!  I need to fix that ASAP!

-Instagram – I’m really trying to do Instagram stories, even though it scares me to no end!  I love watching Instagram stories so I thought it would be fun to do my own.  It’s a super awesome way to connect with people in ways that go beyond the typical Instagram feed so I really want to do my own stories!  It’s completely out of my comfort zone though!

So that was my life in June!

life lately | a peek at my life in June 2019!

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