Thursday, May 30, 2019

Life Lately | May 2019

Life Lately | a peek into my life!

A peek at my life in May 2019!



I binged a couple shows this month!

- Dead to Me:  I loved the shorter episodes & was able to watch it all fairly quickly.  The show is about 2 women who strike up a friendship after meeting in a grief support group.  One of my favorite things about this show was that I was able to see both sides of the situation & that the ‘villain’ in the story had her own complex things going on.

- Imposters:  This one was a little longer, but it kept me intrigued!  The show follows a con artist who marries people for their money & then disappears!


Looking Forward To

- Summer:  Everything is just easier in the summer!  I’m looking forward to the warmer temps!

Working On

- Phone Photography:  I’m super uncomfortable when it comes to using the camera on my phone!  I’m way more comfortable using my DSLR, but there are times when bringing out the big camera isn’t very practical.  I want to work on becoming more comfortable using my phone camera.  I specifically chose this phone for the camera & now I need to use it!

- Little projects:  I mentioned before that I was hoping to have a little area for my upcycled projects at our annual yard sale & I’m slowly working on getting some things together!

- The Garden:  We bought our plants & are putting our little garden together!  There are way more plants than I originally wanted, but I’m just rolling with it!



- Springtime Rocky Road Blondies:  I make these at least twice a week!  They’re just sooo good!  I’ve recently started using butterscotch chips in them & they’re so delicious!


- Blogging Schedule:  Last month I talked about how I implemented a blogging schedule.  Well…that didn’t work out AT ALL!  I’ve been seriously lazy when it comes to blogging!  I need to stick to my schedule!

- Blog Posts:  I have so many ideas for blog posts!  I just need to sit down & actually write them!  I’m so far behind on my Kay House posts!  I need to write them ASAP!

- Instagram:  This kind of ties in with the blogging thing, but I’m changing up some things on my Instagram page.  I’m creating a schedule & sticking to it!

That was a wrap up of my life lately in May!

Life lately | a peek into my life!

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