Friday, September 8, 2017

Finding My Blogging Groove

Giving up perfectionism to find my blogging groove | On The Creek Blog //
Giving up on perfectionism to find my blogging groove.

A few months ago, I jumped headfirst into the ‘business of blogging’.  I read everything I could find that was devoted to expanding my blog & bringing in all.the.pageviews.

What a joke that was!

What followed was several months of self doubt & the feelings of never being good enough.

When I read too much into a topic, I turn into a perfectionist.  After reading what I “should” be doing in terms of blogging, I found myself hitting a brick wall.

I couldn’t write anything because I just knew it wouldn’t be good enough.  If it didn’t have 500+ words & a pretty Pinterest image, I felt it was unworthy for my blog.

But here’s the truth:  it is worth it.

Once I ignored all the traditional “rules” of blogging, I found my blogging groove.

Take my pumpkin patch posts for example.  I mean, I wanted to write about this huge pumpkin patch growing in the yard but I didn’t want to devote 500+ words to it.  I just wanted to post some pictures & say ‘Hey, check out this silly thing that took over the yard!’.  All the traditional blogging advice I read would probably cause me to scrap the entire idea, but I posted it anyway…

Because that’s what my blog is about:  my life & the things that interest me in my little world.  Sometimes I can get long winded on topics & sometimes I just want to post a ton of pictures & two sentences.

When I gave up the fear of blogging perfection, I found my groove!

I’m happy to say that as of this writing, I’ve written & scheduled a total of 8 blog posts ahead of time!  Of course, this post is at the very end & I may not be able to keep this up, but it’s a start!

This isn’t meant to call out anyone or say that blogging tips don’t work.  There are a ton of helpful tips out there, but the bottom line is that I had to find out where I fit into the blogging world & make my own rules.

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